Y-10 YUME Electric Scooter with 52v2400w Dual Motor Max speed:60KM/H / 40MPH Range : 60Km/40Miles Tire:10 inch and Oil brake

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  • Motor: Sine-wave 2400-watt motor with hall sensor
  • Max Speed: 52V Up to 40MPH (depending on rider's weight, state of charge, road conditions, etc.)
  • Battery: 52V 23.4Ah
  • Range: 40Miles
  • Tire: 10" Off-road Tubeless Tires
  • Brake: Front and Rear Hydraulic disc brake
  • Front Suspension: Double Hydraulic long length suspension
  • Rear Suspension: A 125mm length spring suspension
  • Light: Front light + Brake light + turn signal + Horn
  • IP Rating: IP 54 for the whole scooter
  • Weight: 84lbs/38.5KG(with seat add 2kg)
  • Charger: Standard 2*2A chargers(Dual charging port in the scooter)
  • Maximum load: 265lbs/120KG
  • 1-year Warranty
    6-month Battery Warranty

What's in the box? 

  • Electric scooter
  • 2 Chargers
  • User Manual
  • YUME Bag (gift)
  • Multitool
  • Tire Pump


Dual Motors-1200w*2    

Up to 40Mph

52V23.4AH - Up to 40Miles

Wheel:10 inch

Load capacity: 265 LBS

Performance Suspension System

  • The front suspension utilizes dual extra large oil shock absorbers in a fork configuration, which offers far greater stability over rough terrain compared to other scooters in this range!
  • The rear oversized coil shock absorbers work in tandem with the front dual oil shocks to help tame rough terrain. The combined suspension system offers an extremely stable and smooth ride and is capable of handling rider weights up to 280 lbs!

Powerful Dual Brushless Motors

  • The Y10 is equipped with dual 1200W motors delivering a max power output of 2400W and offering powerful acceleration. The motors are sealed and waterproof by design for longer life. The maximum speed achieved is 40mph. Single or Dual motor modes may be selected for better range or higher torque. Sine-wave controller for a smoother ride.
  • The motors are powered by a 52V 23.4Ah lithium battery which propels the Y10 for up to 40 miles. Dual charging ports are located on the battery compartment and dual chargers are supplied as standard for faster simultaneous charging.

Full-Color Display with USB Charging Port

  • The full-color display and controller on the Y10 incorporate 3-speed modes with single/dual motor options for each mode. In addition, Eco and Power modes may also be selected giving the rider an impressive array of power and speed options for each journey!
  • The bright color display clearly shows the speed, battery levels, time, and current gear engaged. A powered USB slot is also built in which can be used for charging phones or other personal devices.

Front and Rear Hydraulic disc brakes

  • The Y10 comes standard with dual hydraulic disc brakes for incredible stopping power. Hydraulic brakes provide a much more responsive braking action and are found on higher-performance scooters. A tool-free adjustment knob on the lever is used to fine-tune grip pull distance for full stopping control.

Frame Design

  • The frame of the Y10 is designed for performance, strength, and durability. The stem is adjustable for riders of various heights and the deck is wider than most other scooters in the same category.
  • The frame is coated with a nano protective layer which increases durability and offers greater protection from chips, scratches, and the elements.

10" Off-road Tubeless Tires

  • 10-inch off-road tubeless tires come standard with the Y10. These tires offer great traction off-road and a comfortable, steady street ride. The tires have deep aggressive threads and are extremely long-lasting.

Night Rides

  • Dual "Angel Eyes" headlights are installed as standard on each Y10. Thee Y10 has rear riding and brake lights and bright extra-large turn signal light for rear visibility.
  • Side strip lights are also built in for greater safety and rider visibility at night. A loud horn is also included to alert oncoming pedestrians.

YUME foldable Y10 electric scooter

Folding Mechanism

YUME is proud of their folding mechanism design which offers a strong yet extremely quick folding capability. The scooter can easily be folded or set up within a couple of seconds for loading into a car or storage!


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Arrived in perfect condition with wonderful packaging. The company definitely did its homework. If you're on the fence about this particular scooter just do it! Really great quality parts definitely not a cheapo scooter. Rides like a $2,000 plus scooter. After opening the box I was riding it in under 10 minutes.