N69 Creative Gift Alarm Clock, Mobile Phone Multifunction 15W Wireless Charger With Speaker, Colorful Night Lamp

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Amazing New Design 3-in-1 Night Lamp Perfect Gift for Any Occasion. 

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  • Click the bulb button to switch 10 light color modes (solid color, two-color marquee, three-color marquee, seven-color marquee

mode), and the remaining 256 modes and 16 million light colors can be adjusted through the link APP
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Imitates the sunrise in nature,
Gently waking you up, Making it easier for you to wake up and light is soft and not dazzling
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Sleep experts agree: doing the same thing every night before bed helps regulate your brain's sleep and prepares your body for rest, and BXGG helps you develop a routine that works for you.
Meet the smart sleep assistant that can help you get the sleep you've always dreamed of.


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