Folding Table Stand for Notebook Laptop with Mouse Holder

Folding Table Stand for Notebook Laptop with Mouse Holder

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    Aluminium alloy folding computer desk
    Color: Black
    Weight: 1.59kg/3.5lbs
    Material : Aiuminum,Plastic
    Adjustable Angle:0-360 degree
    Folding angle range: 0~360°
    Adjustable height range: 18.9"/48cm
    Product Load: at least 55.1lbs/25kg

    Method of use:
    Press and hold the button on top of the joints, can adjust the support and height, the button is loosened, the automatic fixed joint.

    Panel Dimension: 16.5"x10.2"/42x26cm
    Folded Dimension: 20.9"x10.2"x1.6"/53x26x4cm

    Flexible portable Laptop Notebook desk
    Foldable in desk and legs, small in volume, easy to take, easy to use
    Desk made of metal with a plastic mouse platform; Legs made of metal with plastic cores
    Ergonomic sleek design with multi-functional concept
    The use of occasions: bed, sofa, table, carpet, meadow, desk, etc.
    Two black non-slip baffles can prevent the computer sliding
    Panel with ventilation holes helps the computer dissipate heat in time
    Object: to adults, children, and all the crowd
    Usage: computer desk, writing desk, Sketchpad,board, dining table,,Flower Stand,etc

    This is a magic laptop desk.360° foldable ,you can use it to  Enjoy the fun of the Internet in bed,sofa,table,carpet,lawn.  
    As soon as you adjust  the konb in the leg of the desk to different height and angle you need.
    Made with strong ABS plastic  and aluminum alloy achieve the high quality and compact design one.
    Each folding leg has 3 knobs which can  adjust any height and angle  you need. The 360°revolve provides the high flexibility just as human.
    High strength ABS plastic joint,combined with  high-tech screen printing scale, convenient your adjustment.
    A second locking rotation of 360 degrees,convenient using gear design, and with the exact scale, can easily be presice angle adjustment and height adjustment.

    Package Includes:
    1x Portable Laptop Stand
    1 x A Mountable Mouse Tray
    1 x An Instruction Manual
    2 x Black Non-Slip Baffle