37"-80 LED Lights 300 programs Professional Smart Hoop. Fully Rechargeable + Remote Control

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Item name: 80 led smart hoop w remote control
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  • The hoop has 80 fantastically bright RGB LEDs around its body. Each of these LEDs is individually controlled by the fancy control board within, meaning there are 300+ patterns available to you in this 1 hoop!you can add up to 16 custom programs.
  • REMOTE CONTROLLED UP TO 50M - The  LED hoop is operated with a handy remote controller. The remote uses RF wireless to communicate with the hoop. Unlike infra-red controllers this remote doesn't need a line of sight to work and is effective up to 50m away. The remote is smaller than a credit card (but a bit thicker) so it can be kept on you or subtly tucked into a costume so you can change the hoop's functions without hampering your tricks.
  • RECHARGEABLE & REMOVABLE BATTERY - The Hoop comes with a single, hot-swappable rechargeable li-ion battery. This is recharged with a simple and discrete USB cable. This battery will last over 2 hours on even the most demanding of settings this hoop can throw out, and even longer on a lower energy setting.
  • COLLAPSIBLE! - This hula hoop can be folded down to make it easier to transport. A travel LED glow hula hoop! It will also be sent to you in the folded position. We strongly recommend you unfold the hoop when you receive it. It may take some manipulation to return the hoop to a perfect circle. A tip for this is to leave the hoop unconnected for a while. We also recommend that you only fold this hoop up for transport, and not keep it coiled for long periods of time.
  • CONTENTS - 1 x37" LED hula hoop with 80 LEDs, 1 x TKTKTKT mAh Rechargeable battery, 1 x USB battery charger, 1 x RF remote control.

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Customer Reviews

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So happy to have it!!!!

Brianna Cochran

Have yet to receive it. Lol

Brandy Johnson
37"-80 LED Pro Hoop

I give this hoop 5 stars for the price and meeting expectations.🙂 Hoop material and construction are sturdy. I may sand the inside a bit as its a little slippery. The remote takes awhile to figure out ,but, does what it says it will. It did take awhile to ship,but, that was expected as the site told me before ordering. A bounus of it being cheaper is, if it should happen to disapear at an event, it won't be so costly to replace. That was a factor I considered when looking at more expensive options. Great begginer LED hoop as the size is a bit large for some tricks.

Daniel Cahala

My hoop arrived so happy !!!!! I so exciting to start hooping !!!!!!
Thank you so much!!!