EZ051 Electric Bike With 750W Motor 12.5Ah with Long Battery Range,Waterproof,20 inch Fat Tire

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WE can not ship to Hawaii and Alaska at this time.
EZ051 Electric Bicycle

Motor Power:750W
Battery Specification: 12.5Ah
Tire Size:20inch
Output voltage: 100-240V/50-60HZ
Charging time:4-6h
Brake Form: /Mechanical brakes

2021 iEZway EU US UK Warehouse Wholesale 20 inch Fat Tire Foldable Bicycle Beach and City E Bike Electric Snow Mountain Bike

Any purchases of Electric Scooters at customers' risk.


Electric Scooter Safety Precautions

Safety Equipment

Always wear standard safety equipment like the helmet, gloves, knee and elbow protector, and close-tipped shoes. We don’t want to meet accidents but it is best to be safe than sorry.

Tires Check

Always keep the tires in check by optically inspecting them first if they are in good shape. Deformed tires mean it is not safe to ride the electric scooter. Maintain the required pressure of the e-scooter tires. Check the thread if it is still in good condition. You put yourself at risk riding on an e-scooter with worn-out threads in the tires.

Be Aware of Pedestrians and Traffic

Do not allow yourself any distraction from your surroundings. Focus on your driving so you can elude accidents on heavy passersby and oncoming traffic.

Look out for Barriers and other Inanimate Objects

Concentrate of the road you are trodding. Accidents are sometimes due to obstruction blunders down the road.

Choose Your Path

Riders must avoid slippery surfaces or deep mud and snow at all times. Exercise caution when reeling through these unstable terrains to avoid injuries when you take that fall.

Relax and Keep Calm

This safety precaution is oftentimes taken for granted with the thought of getting to your destination as fast as possible. Push lightly and never pressure yourself and the machine to speed up your arrival.

Do Not Drive Under a Stormy Weather

It is dangerous to drive under stormy weather on an electric scooter. Riding on an e-scooter under this condition is prone to lightning strikes that could maim or kill you.

Avoid Driving Full Speed For a Long Time.

 Driving full speed for a long time can lead to loss of control, crash and injury.

Keep Both Hands On the Handles

Do not hold any objects in your right or left hands while riding a scooter.

Injuries and accidents are preventable when exercising safety precautions on electric scooters. Ride safely and arrive home in one piece.

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